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Investment Adviser
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My New Book: Retirement Planning: 401k vs Roth 401k, IRA vs Roth IRA



Improve net investment return and financial well-being for friends in local communities, through partnership with America's best professional money managers and financial institutions. Serving our customers' best interest is ALWAYS our first priority!


Help friends in local communities build wealth, plan for retirement, and manage risks for a financially secure and worry-free life. Use data-driven analysis and reliable metrics to help people in:

  1. Professional money management for taxable and retirement accounts. Optimize & grow your entire portfolio.
  2. Tax planning (Tax-efficient investment strategies to achieve more return on after-tax and after-cost basis. Achieve total tax savings. Control taxes in retirement).
  3. Retirement planning (asset accumulation, retirement income planning)
  4. Risk management (market risk, life insurance, disability, long-term care, longevity, lawsuit, asset protection)
  5. Utilization of best annuity products for tax-advantaged investing and guaranteed income for life
  6. Investment-focused life insurance
  7. Investment-focused long-term care insurance
  8. Estate planning (avoid probate, asset transfer to next generation)


  Fee-Only Fiduciary Services

  Commission-Based Services

In any field, the professionals typically perform much better than the average person. In managing money and planning for retirement, qualified professionals can bring a lot of value to the average investor's portfolio in the long run, on after-cost and after-tax basis.

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